Thursday, April 9, 2009

EUREKA in the rain

Hmmm, north of Mendocino there are redwoods, actually "Redwoods." Big suckers, main attraction, statues made with chainsaws out of former big trees - think lawn gnomes on steroids. Saw a real mill town, Scotia, along the Eel River. The mill stretches the whole length of the town. Like "Sometimes a Great Notion." I'm still looking for Jack Nicholson.

Ended up in Eureka, the biggest thing around, and found all those chain stores we've been missing - Bed, Bath & Beyond, Taco Bell, Borders, Rite Aid, Applebee's and more - just when we were starting to worry they had disappeared! Saw our first Starbucks in days.

We're in the Carter House in Eureka, a classy little B&B with the world's largest wine list. Apparently Mr. Carter loves his wine, and he has a lot of it here in his yummy little restaurant downstairs. Room is interesting with an enormous tub by the windows next to the bed. Maybe we're getting old . . .

Today begins the journey south. Now that we've found "Redwoods" and the "Avenue of the Giants" we've decided to turn around and head back stopping in Sonoma and Sausalito to see buddies. Life is good - even in the rain.

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