Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seals, Sea Lions and Sea Otters . . .

Beaches today - Pfeiffer State Beach in Big Sur - windy, sandy, beautiful! Pt. Lobos State Park, home to seals, sea lions and sea otters and miles of trails at the ocean's edge. Monterey cypress trees and Carmel Scenic Drive with Frank Lloyd Wright designed Walker house (juts into the sea). 

To reminisce - dinner at Casanova's in Carmel, where Patrick was supposed to propose to me 26 years ago, but didn't (until later that night). It's as charming as ever. 

Nice drive along the beach to Half Moon Bay (probably prettier during daylight). Listened to Barack reading Dreams From My Father. He's good.

Now tucked in at Cypress Inn on Miramar Beach in HMB.

Miles today: 136

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