Friday, May 1, 2009

Final posting about CA Road Trip!

Okay - this will be quick and dirty - because I'm actually in Sweden and want to start a new chapter in our blog called - "Going to Sweden to Josefine's wedding!" which is later today (it being after midnight.

Back to CA. We left Eureka, drove south on the Avenue of the Redwoods in the rain (as previously reported) and spent the night in Healdsburg - quite lovely - had dinner wi
th Tom Higgins in his apartment above his amazingly cool art gallery - now that's retirement! Met a really interesting kid doing all sorts of fascinating goodwill work in South
east Asia - I'll add his website later.

Stopped off in Sonoma - for 3 days - with the Tituses and saw our godsons, Nic and Bo, 
15 1/2 year old twin boys, who used to be toddlers the last time I sawthem (swear). Now they are over 6 feet tall, handsome and funny as all get out. Jim and Margie are wonderful parents and still have a beautiful home in Sonoma. Wait til you see the photos. 

The big celeb sighting was lunch and a hike with Michael Pollan and his wife, Judith, and son, Isaac. Turns out Isaac is in school with the twins at Marin Academy (called MA by those who don't think that sounds like some terminal disease). Po
llan and Judith are charming, interesting, fascinating and delightful. They are going to a place in Italy for a week this summer to host a cooking, foraging, talking, thing in a fantastic villa outside Sienna. I so want to go! When will this recession retreat????

After three days chez Titus, we made the long journey to Sausalito to hang with Morgan and Ronna in their new apartment digs overlooking the SF Bay. Sheesh! How did our friends manage to land such gorgeous cribs in such beautiful surroundings? Once again a good
time was had by all, much wine was drunk, good food eaten, and all the hiking and exercise of the previous week went by the wayside. Great fun! Great massages at Cavallo Point.

I took the plane home to LB to rehearse for Emperor of Atlantis - the staged reading (just happened on Sunday, April 26). An LB Opera co-production and a success (says the director).

I declare this the end of my blogging about CA. Patrick has more, but he'll have to add it. I have Sweden to contend with.

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