Monday, October 11, 2010

Cape Cod has a lot to offer

Sunday, perfect Sunday. The sun shines again. Each of these mornings I think about the Fun Club and our wet biking week in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Dampness now past, we spend Sunday morning enjoying Newport Rhode Island, home of the perfect view of the perfect port from the roof of Vanderbilt Hall. A fun breakfast with Willie Brien, vacationing with his buddies from Harvard 1L, and we leave town across the famous Pell Bridge headed to Jamestown, which provides another angle on the now well-loved views of Newport Harbor (the east). Unexpected - we come across a girls' softball team playing ball in mid-calf length skirts! Fantastic.

Next up, a drive to Cape Cod, to the very tip to see the windswept beach where the Pilgrims first landed (before Plymouth Rock - who knew?). Apparently the water supply wasn't to their liking, so they soldiered on to Plymouth for the famous landing we learned about in school. Gorgeous space out on the tip, windy, filled with sand dunes and grasses and a bit of forest remaining. Also a great place to see whales (although we didn't see any). From there we drove back a short way on MA 6A to Provincetown (called P-town by those in the know), a rainbow sanctuary which was a little too crowded for our taste. Stopped for coffee at the Wired Puppy (I'm loving the names of coffee shops in this part of the world). Then started looking for our dinner place - scored big time with Blackfish in the town of Truro, on our way back down the Cape towards Orleans where we spent the night at A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay (yes, that is really its name, and yes it is a place to come back to).

Our room has windows on three sides, one side overlooks Pleasant Bay and the row of Adirondack chairs on the lawn for enjoying the view. The other side overlooks a beautiful English garden filled with flowers and birds and chipmunks (feeder hung low to take care of both). We woke to the sound of birds bathing in the gutters outside our room.

Today we drive to Maine and Patrick is anxious to get on the road.

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