Monday, October 25, 2010

And it all ends at Yale

Our final destination was New Haven and Parents' Weekend with Claire. Always a fun trip, somewhat nostalgic this time, as she is a senior and this is our last Yale Parents' Weekend! We drove here from the Hudson Valley on Thursday and are just getting around to leaving today. If pressed for our activities while in town, mostly we sat around in coffee houses, drinking cappucinos and reading or doing crossword puzzles. We enjoy this activity so in many ways it was a perfect weekend. Interspersed with seeing Claire for meals or other events, it was ideal.

Highlights - Friday afternoon seeing Edward Albee in a conversation in a lecture hall with students and drama types. He talked for a good hour and answered questions for 30 minutes more. Fascinating. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but he exceeded my expectations. He was charming, engaging, funny and witty. None of that is surprising, but it is truly impressive at 80-something to be so on top of things.

Couple this with seeing A Delicate Balance the next night with Kathy Chalfant, followed by drinks with her and her artist husband, Henry, and it was exquisite.

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