Monday, March 30, 2009

Frolic and Detour

What a hoot! Drove today on the very most beautiful road ever on the most beautiful day ever from Paso Robles to Cambria. We took the road less travelled to two wineries and found ourselves in such bucolic bliss. The first winery, Tablas Creek, is a sister to Chateau Beaucastel in Provence where we once visited. It was pure heaven. Next came Justin Vineyards, not quite the same, but worth the ride.  We tried a very rural road on to the coast but were met by an impassable section so we spent a little extra time enjoying the verdant scenery.

A trip to Cambria is not complete without a stop in Harmony, which gets funkier and funnier each time we go there. Population 18. For sale for $1 million a few years back. Nothing there but a pottery shack, glassblower, wedding chapel, and porta-potty (important).

Surprised today by walnut trees not yet in bud on the spring green hills. Depending on the light, they are black or grey or almost lavendar. Wildflowers - our first California poppies of the trip and wild mustard, which surprisingly smelled a bit like curry. Do you know that seagulls land into the wind? Is this true of all birds?

Miles today: 65


  1. I remember when we went to look at Harmony way back when! I guess we've past the point where driving up the coast counts as "recreating the fourth grade trip."

  2. Is that the place that I threw up near the waterfall?

  3. Hi kiddos~
    Yes, Nick, we are still recreating the 4th grade camping trip. And Claire, we are now in Big Sur which is where you threw up near the waterfall.